The Rise sports and education program seeks to develop strong young men and women by encouraging them in both the sports realm as well as the education realm. If a youth has the desire to play sports, rise provides them that opportunity by teaching them and allowing them to be part of a team at little to no cost. We believe by allowing a student to be part of something, no matter their skill level, helps the individual to have more confidence which will also help them in other aspects in life. For the first year, the main and only sport that Rise focuses on is Basketball. It is our goal in the near future to expand into other sports. To find out more about the sports arm of Rise, please click the "Sports" button below.

And though we love to teach and coach sports, we know education is the most important part. With rise, we seek to not only prepare students for classroom work, but also explore different practical skills that will help them preform and be prepared for college and beyond