Small ministry trying to do big things because we serve a BIG GOD

The Rose Project is a 501(c)3, non-profit auxiliary of the Mt Rose Full Gospel Baptist Church, organized in June 2001. The Palmer Activity Christian Center is under the auspices of the Rose Project of Mt Rose FGBC.



The overall mission of the Rose Project and/or Mt Rose FGBC is to strengthen values, build character, and acquire positive life skills to empower people for productive living. We are strongly committed to fulfilling this mission especially in areas concerning drugs and alcohol, juvenile delinquency, gangs, teen pregnancy, and similar situations.



In 2000, the Rose Project formed a planned to create a center that would be a spot where youth and families could come find the love of Christ. Whether that be through programs, free meals, clothing, counseling, and sometimes a place to lay their heads, this center was to be a spot to shine throughout the community. They set forth with the plan, and after some trials and tribulations, they achieved their goal in 2012 with the formation of the Palmer Activity Christian Center. The center was able to house things like the Hope Ministry (a ministry that offers free meals to the community every 3rd Saturday), Breakthrough (a counseling group that focused on different type of addictions), Family Promise, and other ministries. Currently, it still houses the Hope Ministry as well as Recovered Life Counseling(Recovered Life Counseling FB Page)



Throughout the opening years of the PACC, the center hosted different concerts and family events. Then starting in 2018, it was the rose project goal to reach the community with more programs, and to keep those programs free or really affordable. Programs like Initiate Family Night, Princess Party, STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), Movie Night, Unapologetically Black: A Celebration of Black History, Game Nights, Fall Festival, and more. It was a goal that they do a program every month. The response was phenomenal. Some programs had over 250 people show! Now going forward, it is the goal of the Rose Project to continue having these family and youth programs and expand and improve on them. Also, there will be a renewed focus on youth empowerment, which includes a new youth lounge in the upstairs area of the center. And another goal is to work and build around the outside of the center to continue to offer new things to the community




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